Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Interval Training for Seniors

There’s some bad news for those who are known to shy away from their workouts on the pretext of lack of time. For there’s a new concept that we have that can cut exercise time drastically. Nothing that is radically new though. Its just exercise sessions so intense that they can be enough to compensate for an entire week’s exercise routine. Also called ‘interval training’, it was Olympic athletes for whom it was originally meant for and was considered a bit too strenuous for normal people.

But new studies conducted among older people proved otherwise. Even those with health problem have shown positive results. In fact, if this turns out to be true, it can well bring in revolutionary changes in the way people are advised to exercise and save a lot of time that otherwise would have been spent in a gym.

What interval training is all about is that it involves working out at an intense pace for a few minutes with rest periods in between. As per experts, a four set series of four minutes each would be enough, with three minutes of recovery time after each set. It should leave you a little out of breath, but never exhausted.

Their efficacy has been found to be twice as much as normal exercise regimes. So its like you now have a pill that is twice as effective and you throw the old ones out. Research findings have been published in sports magazines and have largely targeted those either running or biking though its believed other sports like rowing or swimming should also work.

However, ordinary citizens are cautioned from substituting their regular workout with interval training just yet or, they should only perform under the aegis of an expert in this field.

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